A review of the 9 most emblematic jewellery collections from the brand

As many of you already know, at Ramon we have a large number of fine jewellery collections. Collections that are characterized by a common theme and are usually composed of varying types of pieces, such as rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and brooches.

The 9 most emblematic fine jewellery collections from the brand


Each and every one of our collections is made with high quality materials. Gold, diamonds and precious stones are the main elements. Elements and gems that intertwine exquisitely giving life to pieces with unique architecture and magnificent forms.

Today, on our blog, we want to review the 9 most emblematic collections from our brand. Nine flagship collections that define our know-how and perfectly showcase our essence.

These are the 9 most representative fine jewellery collections by Ramon:


The inspiration for this collection comes straight from the sidewalks of our city, Barcelona. The “Rose of Barcelona” or “Panot” is a typical tile that fills the streets. It consists of varying pieces combining three different gold colours, white, yellow and rose, with diamonds and precious stones.


This collection consists of three pieces that play with an exquisite combination of colours, materials and textures. This collection includes pieces with black diamonds that contrast with “ice diamonds” and white gold; pieces that combine blue sapphires with white gold and diamonds and finally pieces in rose gold that combine brown diamonds and white diamonds.


At Ramon more than 50 years ago we made chains in gold. From many years’ know-how the Classic Time collection was born. This collection combines classic chains with their modern counterparts, with diamonds or without and available in every colour of gold.


Inspired by the success of the Spheres collection and accentuating oval shapes, the Eggs Collection was born, incorporating different models: cashmere, spiral, round eggs and solid eggs.


Blue topaz, spinels, quartz, chalcedony, citrine, onyx, amethyst, sapphire and diamond, are the protagonists of the Lady Colors collection. A combination of precious stones with flashes of a wide range of colours that form a colourful and harmonic composition that gives off strength and personality, accentuating with its tone the personality of the person who wears it.


The Leopards series has accumulated more than 40 years in the history of RAMON becoming one of the most representative collection of the brand. The design and size of its pieces, which already total 400 models, has been adapted to the demands of each moment without losing an iota of its magnetism. Its success, in addition to its risky and innovative design, is due to the careful composition of the materials used in each piece of the collection: gold, diamonds and rubies are used exquisitely to give colour and life to this elegant feline.


Subtle, elegant and romantic, the Rose collection, inspired by the blossoming of roses, captures the precise moment in which the petals of the flower begin to sprout. This collection consists of pieces of different sizes made in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, with or without diamonds.


The Spheres collection is one of the most emblematic of RAMON for its elegance and innovative design. Its geometric pattern transforms into beautiful spherical pieces of rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, accompanied by diamonds and black diamonds, which give life to a prized range of accessories for women.

You can see a sample of each and every collection right here.

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