diamond 500 carat

A new diamond of over 500 carats has been discovered

We are witnessing the discovery of the second largest diamond in history. This newly unearthed diamond is colorless, weighing in at 549 carats of exceptional purity.

Introducing the new diamond of more than 500 carats

This precious stone was found in Botswana, in the Karowe mine. The same mine that, back in 2016, discovered a 1,109 carat diamond that ended up being sold to Graff Diamonds for $53 million two years later, a stone known as the Lesedi La Rona.

And, as one might imagine, the mining company responsible for this recent discovery is very pleased. As stated by its executive president, Eira Thomas, Lucara Diamond is extremely pleased to being 2020 with the recovery of large and high quality diamonds.”

Not only have they started 2020 with this wonderful find, they have also already recovered 6 diamonds of more than 100 carats so far this year.

diamante más de 500 quilates

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