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Perfect earrings to wear every day

There are many women who transfer their uncertainty about what to wear on a daily basis to an uncertainty about which earrings to pair with their outfit. It´s a decision that can create many doubts, like, if an ornate earring is really suitable for daily wear. That´s why, today, at Ramon, we want to bring you the perfect selection of earrings to wear every day.

Perfect earrings to wear every day

Finalizing outfits with the right pieces of jewellery will result in complete looks that are studied, detailed and much more sophisticated.

As we mentioned before, many women are wary of opting for earrings of fine jewellery for every day wear for “fear” of appearing too dressed-up. The mistake is in thinking that an earring of fine jewellery is only suitable for special occasions. There are earrings of fine jewellery that are minimalistic and are perfectly suited for every day wear.

Yes, it is true that at Ramon we are in favour of reserving those more valuable, bulky and special earrings for events where you truly want to dazzle. This way, when you really want to impress you will see and feel the difference and those special earrings will make you feel more elegant and sophisticated.

For daily wear we like to opt for pieces made in gold with a minimalist design. That, of course, does not exclude pieces that may have a diamond or an embedded gemstone. For example, discrete earrings with diamonds are perfectly suitable for daily use.

As you know, in the varying collections from the brand, we have a large selection of earrings with different designs and styles. You can see a sample from our collections here.

Below, we show you our particular selection of the perfect earrings for every day wear.

earrings to wear every day

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