Experts in fine jewellery since 1888

At Ramon, our passion for fine jewellery goes back generations. In 1888 the first member of our family inaugurated the first workshop where he began to give life to the first Ramon creations. Today, 131 years later, we still feel this passion and the same desires to create.

Ramon Jewellers, experts in fine jewellery since 1888

fine jewellery

At Ramon we have a well-rounded and absolute experience in fine jewellery. An experience that allows us to design and create unique pieces of jewellery, with an amazing quality and with an attention for unpolluted details.

Since our beginnings we have been characterized by a very distinctive style that has become our unmistakable stamp of identity. Jewels with their own special essence that have enamoured women from around the world.

Ramon’s jewels challenge architecture and conventional jewellery. And the vast majority of our pieces adopt totally unique shapes and combine materials and precious stones in a sublime way. You can see proof of this throughout our collections, and available on our website:

  • Barcelona Collections
  • Calligraphy Collection
  • Classic Time Collection
  • Eggs Collections
  • Lady Color Collection
  • Leopards Collection
  • Love Collection
  • Rose Collection
  • Spheres Collection

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