The extraordinary beauty of triple jewellery

In today´s post we bring you a very special design, triple jewellery. Designs that stand out and are mainly characterized for being composed of three similar motifs.

The extraordinary beauty of triple jewellery

At Ramon we love this type of jewellery for several reasons:

  • Its beauty triples instantly
  • Its sublime originality and architecture
  • Its diamonds are distributed harmonically throughout the piece and they give off and exquisite light.
  • Although they are pieces formed by three motifs, its lines and shapes are so studied and so subtle that they allow you to wear the piece just as much for day-to-day wear as on special occasions

Within our collections you will find several designs that give life to this type of triple jewellery. Jewellery with an extraordinary beauty among which you can find mainly rings and pendants. A great example comes from pieces in our Rose collection.

Below, we have a selection of some of the most successful triple jewellery designs from the brand. There are pieces with two different motifs: some are composed of small roses and other are spirals in the shape of spheres. Each and every one are made in 18kt white, yellow or rose gold and are set with high quality brilliant-cut diamonds.

You can see more pieces from our collections here.

triple jewellery

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