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Geometric jewellery

One of the aspects we enjoy most in the world of jewellery is that we can design, play and create. A freedom that has led us to defy gravity and create the impossible. We, at Ramon, are enthusiasts of geometric jewellery , and to prove it you need look no further than our Spheres collection.

Geometric jewellery by Ramon


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When we talk about geometric jewellery we are referring to jewels with a peculiar architecture, striking shapes and an exceptional design.

Empty spheres, half circles, zigzagging bands… impressive combinations that are always made with a base of 18kt gold, be it white, yellow or rose gold.

And beyond that, we also love to include precious stones in a manner that integrates them perfectly in each and every one of our creations. Generally, we choose to work with brilliant-cut diamonds. An exquisite precious stone with a magnificent sparkle that gives the jewel a spectacular light, effortlessly embellishing the piece.

Next, we have a selection of pieces from our Spheres collection, the perfect synonym for geometric jewellery. You will find a large variety of jewellery, from earrings to bracelets, pendants or rings. If you would like to see more from the collection just click here.


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geometric jewellery

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