Gold necklaces that you’ll absolutely love

Pendants are one of the pieces of jewellery that provide that extra touch of femininity to women. Designs that are delicately placed on the neck and give the face a special light. In today’s post we want to show you a selection of the best gold necklaces you can find at Ramon.

The best gold necklaces from Ramon

The gold pendants that you will find in Ramon’s collections are pieces with subliminal shapes and designs. Pure architecture that we have transformed into fine jewelry.

Most of these pendants are made in 18kt white or yellow gold and are combined with brilliant cut diamonds of the highest quality to add even more light to each piece.

You can find pieces designed to wear on special occasions, but also many others that are ideal for wearing every day. As you can see, many pieces have a minimalist and clean design, perfect for daily wear and not at all ostentatious.

Below, we leave you with a selection of the most desired gold pendants from the brand. You can see more models here.

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Gold necklaces

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