Jewellery made in Barcelona

The Ramón name is synonymous with jewellery made in Barcelona and we are really proud to be part of the Barcelona brand. A brand that has been gaining prestige and a phenomenal national and international reputation that today is considered a great competitive advantage.

Barcelona is a global brand, just like the jewellery we create; contemplated and designed with total precision. Of course, Mediterranean roots are always present in our creations, since its inspiration has defined us and accompanied us since the very beginning.

Jewellery Made in Barcelona

Jewellery made in Barcelona

Ramón´s inception goes back to a small artisan workshop in Barcelona. The Ciudad Condal, Barcelona, was internationally recognized, thanks to its industry and social events, which brought growth to sectors such as jewellery making. A golden era ensued in which the workshop consolidated itself as a benchmark for fine jewellery and years later was taken over by a new generation of Ramóns.

Orders from all over the world started arriving to their workshop. It was here where the best metals, like gold, and the finest gemstones, like diamonds, were transformed into sublime pieces of fine jewellery, endowed with a unique personality.

Today, a century later, RAMON is present in the main capitals of the world thanks to its essence and craftsmanship. A brand that is associated with prestige, exclusivity and quality, and is recognized by its own signature. In short, it is an honour for us to be part of the famous jewellery made in Barcelona, and that after so much effort and hard work we have been recognized.

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