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Jewellery to wear in summer

We have officially welcomed in the summer season. This is a very long-awaited time of year from the majority of people. A season that is typical filled with countless plans and probably sprinkled with the occasional wedding or party. In today´s post we want to share with you some advice on picking the best jewellery to wear in summer.

What are the best pieces of jewellery to wear in summer?

jewellery to wear in summer

There is no definitive list of the best jewellery to wear in summer, that really depends on the individual, as jewellery tends to be very personal. But as professionals we can and want to advise you so that you can keep in mind some tips that will help you with your selection.

  • High temperatures directly influence our bodies. One of the parts that is most affected is our fingers, so we recommend that you opt for finite rings that the won´t bother you excessively.
  • You can opt for small diamond rings or finite double-banded rings. The contrast of thin gold pieces with sun-kissed skin is ideal.
  • It is very important that you remove any metal jewellery if you intend to go to the beach or the pool. When gold or silver come into contact with salt water or chlorine it is very harmful, since rhodium is eroded.
  • If you go on vacation it is wise to take the least amount of jewellery possible, especially if your jewellery is ostentatious. Opt for easy necklaces, bracelets that you can wear 24h and discreet earrings.
  • Summer is synonymous with colour. That’s why rings with coloured gemstones are perfect for summer dinners with friends. A simple white dress and a good ring with a striking tone will be enough to achieve a look that is a 10. For these types of occasions, you can opt for maxi rings, the heat goes down in the evenings and will be able to wear the rings more comfortably.

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