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Jewellery with black diamonds

At Ramon we work with a large variety of precious stones. Different gems are mixed with top quality materials to give shape to exceptional pieces. Diamonds are one of our favourite stones to work with, hence their presences in most of our collections.

The most common diamonds are white diamonds. But today we want to delve a bit more into the world of these precious gems and talk about our jewellery embellished with black diamonds. Black diamonds are a lesser known variety of diamond; So much so that they are often confused with onyx.

The origin of black diamonds

pulsera con diamantes negros

Black diamonds are formed by the large accumulation of carbon inclusions to the point of visually creating an intense black hue.

There are many who consider black diamonds as a rarity of nature, but the truth is that they are just as natural as others. They are an anomaly for many gemmologists; As they are only found in two very specific places in the entire planet (in Brazil and in the Central African Republic), as opposed to the white diamonds that can be extracted in many geographical areas and in much larger quantities.

Black diamonds possess two out of the four characteristics of white diamonds: carat weight and cut. Contrarily, with this type of diamond neither colour nor purity can be measured; Since on the one hand, they present chromatic absence; And on the other, as they are not translucent, it is impossible to appreciate the degree of impurities inside them, making it impossible to determine the degree of purity they possess. In these cases, instead of purity, crystallization exists and therefore, the level of brightness of the stone in question is assessed.

This type of diamond is usually known by the nickname “fancy”, so its value, which is based on the intensity of its black tonality, is much lower than white diamonds.

For a long time, black diamonds were not much appreciated in the world of fine jewellery, and many chose not to work with these stones. Little by little, they have gained the admiration of many. At Ramón we have put our faith in these precious stones, and our faith is such that today we have included them significantly in many of our collections to the point of creating a trend.

We like to combine them with white diamonds, since the contrast is really exquisite. Next we leave you a selection of our jewellery embellished with black diamonds. Jewels synonymous with class and elegance. You can see more pieces on our website.



pendientes con diamantes negros

anillos con diamantes negros

anillo con diamante negro

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