Jewellery with blue sapphires

At Ramon Jewellers we work with a variety of precious stones to give life to our jewellery. A variety of gems among which you will find white diamonds, brown diamonds, rubies…but today, we want to put our focus on jewellery with blue sapphires, a colour that is included in many of our designs, a truly mesmerising colour.

Jewellery with blue sapphires by Ramon


There are many collections by our brand where you can find pieces with blue sapphires. Collections like our Calligraphy collection, the Barcelona collection, or the Lady Colors collection.

Amongst all of the jewellery that contains blue sapphires you can find bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. The majority of which are made in 18kt white gold, and many of those are combined exquisitely with other precious stones, like diamonds.

Below, we leave you with a selection of some of our most sought after jewellery with blue sapphires.

You can see more collection by Ramon by clicking here.

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