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Rose gold wedding bands by Ramon

Recently we told you about our 18kt rose gold jewellery. Today, in our post, we want to go into further detail about this type of jewellery, focusing specifically on our 18kt rose gold wedding bands. Pieces that are becoming increasingly popular and that transmit a special sweetness.

Rose gold wedding bands by Ramon

Rose gold wedding bands from the brand are characterized not only for their sweetness, but also by their romanticism and distinction. It’s a gold hue that is breaking new ground and surpassing traditional yellow gold.

Many couple prefer this tone when choosing their wedding bands, It’s a color with an innate beauty that attracts both men and women.

At Ramon we like to play with textures, reliefs and finishes. That is why, in our latest creations you can see designs that stand out for their, originality, shape and the way they pair together.

Below, we have a selection of 5 different styles of rose gold wedding bands from our brand to share with you.

Diamond encrusted wedding band

alianzas oro rosa ramon jewellers (1) Wedding band with diamonds

alianzas oro rosa ramon jewellers (2) Wedding band with relief

alianzas de oro rosa Rounded and smooth wedding bands

alianzas de oro rosa Slotted wedding band

rose gold wedding bands

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