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New discovery: a spectacular 20-carat blue diamond

At Ramon Jewellers we love to keep up on the latest news from the sector, and above all, we absolutely love sharing it with all of our readers. Today we are pleased to announce that a new milestone has been reached in the world of fine jewellery. This last Monday, the mining firm Petra Diamonds reported a new and exciting find. A wonderful blue diamond with a total weight of 20.08 carats was discovered.

The impressive 20 carat blue diamond

The diamond was found in the Culligan mine, one of the most historic mines on the continent of Africa. This discovery confirms that, “the prevalence of exceptional stones in the Culligan deposit, as well as the recovery capacity of the miners on the site,” said the mining firm in their statement to the press.

The blue diamond in question is a type IIb and qualified as a gem. Due to its recent discovery it has not been possible to establish an estimate price for the gem as of yet. It is believed that at the end of the month there will be new information about production and sale of this new find.

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