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The essence of handmade jewellery

Ramon is a jewellery firm founded in Barcelona in 1888. Each of their pieces recreate special moments, provoke feelings and emotions. In today´s post, we want to go deeper into the essence of our handmade jewellery; one of our brand´s strongest hallmarks.

The essence of Ramon´s handmade jewellery

handmade jewellery

From our origins we have had our own workshop. The first of them was inaugurated in 1888, and since then we have been growing and modernizing our artisanal workshop to adapt to the needs and demands of each era. We settled in Barcelona, which is why inspirations of the Condal City have been present in the fine jewellery collections of our firm since our inception.

The quality of materials used together with the know-how of our master jewellers has been fundamental in opening a gap in national and international recognition.

Our essence is principally composed of our passion, our sensibility, our technical capacity, our designs and our craftsmanship.

Today, we feel tremendously proud that Ramon is synonymous with jewellery specialists. Thanks to our experience we have been able to rise as a brand that combines tradition and modernity, high technology and ancestral techniques of the trade to obtain pieces of fine jewellery of the highest excellence and with its own hallmark.

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