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The history of an own jewellery workshop

One of our most characteristic elements, and one which we feel very proud and fortunate to have, is our own jewellery workshop where we bring each and every one of our designs to life.

From our inception we have had a space where we were able to give life to our pieces of fine jewellery. A space that little by little has grown with us over the years.

Ramon’s own jewellery workshop

own jewellery workshop

In 1888 we inaugurated our first jewellery atelier in Barcelona. A small craft workshop that witnessed our beginnings, a place of very fond memories. There we refined our creativity and our passion. The hands of our master jewellers were beholden with the task of making our sketches come to life. Many hours of work, commitment and dedication were the ingredients that assisted us in reaching our goals.

The quality and expertise of Ramón helped the brand increase in value, until he was recognized as one of the most referenced jewellers of Barcelona in the 20th century. It was then that commissions from around the world began to arrive at the workshop. Our brand crossed borders, thus becoming a name of international prestige.

A century later, we continue to progress in the same direction. A path that leads us to extraordinary craftsmanship, a passion for handmade jewellery and absolute dedication.

Today, Ramón has consolidated as a company formed by specialists in fine jewellery that combines tradition and modernity, as well as high technology and ancestral techniques of the trade. A combination that allows us to maintain our essence, offer our customers an impeccable product and allows us continued growth in the sector.

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