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The most valuable pink diamond

There is a new world record in the world of fine jewellery. The pink diamond that was discovered this past January in the South African mine of Letseng, in Lesotho, was sold for a record breaking price.

We are talking about a pink diamond with a total weight of 13.33 carats sold in Antwerp for 8.75 million dollars, a number that indicates that each carat was valued at 657,000 dollars.

The peculiarities of pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are not as common in the world of fine jewellery as traditional white diamonds. We are talking about a gem that is rare and difficult to find, and for this reason the price tends to be notably higher, quite superior to the price of white diamonds.

Its precious tonality is due to the presence of nitrogen in its structure during its formation, causing the gem to compress and acquire this characteristic colour.

There is no single hue for this type of diamond because the pink colour can acquire varying degrees of saturation, thus giving rise to array of diamond categories: fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy purplish-pink, and fancy vivid pink.

In the world of diamonds, pink has gained an added value for its rarity, scarcity and its high value, becoming one of the favourites amongst collectors and professionals in the sector.

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pink diamond

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