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The Ramon jewellery team

Today we want you to accompany us directly to the heart of our brand. We want to introduce you to the place where everything happens: our workshop, where our jewellery team makes each and every one of our pieces.

The jewellery team present in the workshop

jewellery team

The process of creating a piece of jewellery goes through many phases; From the design to the final delivery, each piece passes through the hands of many different professionals who manipulate it: crimping, polishing, etc. … Do you want to know what it is each one of them does? We’ll tell you! This is the Ramón jewellery team:

  • The design team: they are responsible for shaping each and every one piece that make up a collection. All the designs are brand originals, so before giving them life, they are drawn with copious details, so that the entire team knows what the final result will to be. Apart from the drawing, it is also necessary to detail the exact measurements of all the parts of each piece; As well as the materials with which the piece is to be created: the type of gold, the type of precious stone …
  • Alloy of gold: As you know, at Ramón we work with varying types of gold: white, yellow, rose … To achieve each of the tonalities it is necessary to alloy the metal; Except in the case of yellow gold, as its colour is made by mother nature. Although for every shade the gold must be treated, since pure gold is 24kt and is too soft to make parts. The best gold for the production of pieces is 18kt. It is during the casting process when gold is mixed with silver and copper, if we want to obtain rose gold; And with palladium if what we want is white gold.
  • Polishers: When a piece has been created, that is, already has the desired shape, it passes into the hands of the polisher. It is he or she who will be in charge of erasing all the marks and granules that have remained in the jewel during the entire process of elaboration before the setting takes place. In addition, they will give the jewellery a shining bath and the final finishes once the piece has been completed.
  • Setters: one of the last hands a piece will through in its final stages. The setter will be responsible for carefully placing the precious stones that the piece possesses. Their role is essential to achieving a perfect result.
  • Quality control: finally, once the piece is completely finished, it will go through quality control. They will be in charge of analysing in detail the final result, to make sure that the piece does not have any type of anomaly and be absolutely sure that the jewel is of the highest calibre.

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