significado piedras preciosas

The significance of precious stones

As many of you already know, at Ramon Jewellers, we enjoy working with a wide variety of precious stones. Colourful gems become the focal point of beautiful pieces of jewellery. The colour and strength they exude truly entrances. Today, we want to share with you the significance of precious stones, each one has its own distinct significance and special values.

The true significance of precious stones

significance of precious stones

We analyse the significance of the most used precious stones in the world of fine jewellery. There are many people who choose a specific precious stone because of the particular meaning of that gem possesses.

  • Diamonds: The diamond is the stone that represents perfection. In addition, it is synonymous with triumph, integrity and resolve. Without a doubt, one of the most desired precious stones in the world of jewellery.
  • Emeralds: Everyone knows the expression “emerald green” its colour is truly spectacular. The emerald evokes positive things like abundance and patience; In addition to purifying the spirit, removing negative forces and positively effecting health.
  • Rubies: The ruby red is unmistakable, but did you know that it symbolizes trust, offspring and luck in love?
  • Sapphires: The sapphire is characterized by its blue colour and is considered the gem of wisdom, success and truth.
  • Amethysts: the amethysts can adopt different tonalities, but all evoke the same meaning: protection and positive energy.
  • Aquamarine: it is, without a doubt, the stone of courage.

In our collections you can find different styles of jewellery made with a variety of precious stones. Which one is your favourite?

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