Types of coloured diamonds

Although white diamonds are the most well-known, this gemstone exists in a variety of tones. Today, on our blog, we want to highlight the types of coloured diamonds that can be found in the world of fine jewellery.

The types of coloured diamonds in existence

coloured diamonds

At Ramon we specialize in the design and creation of fine jewellery pieces with diamonds. We love this precious stone not only for its beauty but for is hypnotizing birghtness.

Diamonds are considered the most coveted gemstones in the world of jewellery, they also happen to be the hardest mineral in existence, as well as the brightest.

Although it seems incredible, a diamond is something as simple as a mineral that has acquired a concrete shape from the process of carbon crystallization. Because of the pressures and temperatures to which it is subjected, it acquires the crystalline form. A tremendously complicated process that doesn´t occur frequently.

The colour of diamonds depends on the atomic structure of the mineral. Substances such as boron, nitrogen or hydrogen are what give the gemstone one or another tonality.

These are the types of coloured diamonds in existence:

  • Blue diamonds: known for its extreme rarity, although it is not the rarest. You can acquire different shades of blue, and to date, the largest quantity of blue diamonds was found at the Cullinan mine in South Africa. It is the content of boron that absorbs the wavelength of light with the exception of blue.
  • Red diamonds: this is the rarest colour among all coloured diamonds. And there are only 20 stones certified worldwide. Its scarcity gives it an incalculable value.
  • Pink diamonds: like their blue counterparts, can have different colour ranges; from pastel shades to more raspberry. Although they are not very common to see, most are found in mines in Brazil, Russia, Tanzania and Australia.
  • Green diamonds: its origin dates back millions of years and its tonality is due to the natural radiation of uranium.
  • Yellow diamonds: also known as fancy diamonds. These diamonds are much more common than the aforementioned ones and are very well received in the market.

Apart from these 5 tones, there are also two more colours: black diamonds and brown diamonds. Two types of stones fairly common in the creation of fine jewellery. At Ramon we like to work with these two types of diamonds, along with traditional white diamond. We are specialists in combining them masterfully in different pieces. Combinations that together with white, yellow or rose gold result in exquisite pieces. You can see this for yourself in our distinct collections.

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