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The 20.7 carat yellow diamond already has a buyer

The impressive 20.7 carat yellow diamond already has a buyer. The Graff Diamonds Company has acquired the diamond known as “Firebird” and extracted from a Russian mine directly from Alrosa.

The fabulous yellow diamond weighing more than 20 carats

The yellow diamond was discovered in 2017 in the Ebelyakh mine in Yakutia. The gross weight of the diamond was 34.17 carats, and was classified as one of the largest rough cut diamonds in such color and quality ever extracted in the country.

This yellow diamond has magnificent characteristics. The Asscher-cut stone was classified by GIA as a Fancy Vivid Yellow, VS1, with excellent polish and symmetry. They themselves stated that it is extremely unusual to see a diamond of such characteristics.

Together with the 14.8 carat purple-pink diamond known as “Spirit of the Rose” will be part of a unique diamond collection, “The Spectacle”, which is dedicated to the Russian ballet. Currently, a third diamond is being cut and polished to be added to this exclusive collection.


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