In 1888, the first member of the RAMON family opened a small jewelry workshop. Years later, his son, Isidre Ramón, set up his own craft workshop in Barcelona.

Barcelona, was internationally recognized, thanks to its industry and social events, which let flourish and brought growth to sectors such as jewelry. A golden era ensued in which the workshop would consolidate as a benchmark and that years later would be taken over by a new generation of Ramons, this time, led by Carlos-Enric Ramon.



His insistence on quality and know-how, a legacy of his father, together with his commitment and dedication, soon became one of the most referenced jewelers of Barcelona in the 20th century. Orders began to arrive to his workshop from all over the world, his hands transforming the best metals and precious stones, in to sublime pieces of fine jewelry, endowed with a unique personality.

In the 80’s, the fourth generation of jewelers was integrated into the family business with the idea of growing the brand until it became a signature of international prestige.

Today, a century later, RAMON Barcelona is present in the main capitals of the world thanks to its essence, impregnated with passion, technical ability, sensitivity, design and craftsmanship.



A company formed by specialists in fine jewelry, combining tradition and modernity, high technology and ancestral techniques of the trade, to endow their pieces with the highest excellence and with their own stamp. A certification of origin inherited through the Ramón generations that we will continue to cultivate and to be a part of the most special moments of our clients lives.