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2019 jewellery trends

Whenever a new year begins, we want to know what the months ahead are going to bring us: where is it going to take us, what trends are going to seduce us and what jewels are going to become the best sellers of the moment. That’s why today, on our blog, we show you the 2019 jewellery trends.

These are the 2019 jewellery trends

Jewellery has always been considered one of the most important accessories to complement a look and to give it that added touch of elegance and exclusivity.

At Ramon, we want to share with all of you some of the best jewellery trends of 2019, trends that will accompany us throughout the year and that will become some of the most desired in the world of jewellery.

  • Minimalist designs: jewellery with fine lines and fairly bare, the perfect complement for day to day wear.
  • Gold as a fetish material: Jewellery made of 18kt gold is set over other material such as silver or steel. The quality and durability of the piece is what makes it so valuable.
  • Jewellery that combines pearls and diamonds. A combination that always seems to come back in style. The beauty of pearls together with the sparkle of diamonds.
  • Links. Jewellery with links will become one of the most desired resources to lift looks of all kinds. You can wear them for special events, but also to go to work.
  • Colourful precious stones. Above all, in the face of good weather, jewels with precious stones will take centre stage. Blue, green, orange and pink tones will conquer everywhere they go.
  • Maxi bracelets. When it comes to bracelets more is more. XL bracelets will be the reigning champion of the season.

Which of these jewellery trends will be impossible for you to resist next season?

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