The collections most representative of the Ramon brand

At Ramon Jewellers we count with a grand variety of original designs, among which you will find rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and brooches… a large variety of subliminal jewels that we group into distinctive collections that today we wanted to share with all of you. Below, the collections most representative of the brand.

The collections most representative of Ramon

colecciones más representativas

There have been many collections since the inception of our brand. Some of them have turned into our most emblematic collections and at the same time the stamp of our brand identity. Pieces that form part of our DNA and that it is impossible to not associate with our brand due to its peculiar design and sublime architecture.

We are talking about pieces made in 18kt gold, the majority of which are made with precious stones of distinct colours and cuts.

These are the eight collections most representative of the Ramon brand:

  • Barcelona Collection: inspired by the city of Barcelona. –
  • Calligraphy Collection: an exquisite combination of colours, materials and textures.
  • Classic Time Collection: the most beautiful links.
  • Eggs Collection: a collection in which the oval shape is the protagonist.
  • Lady Color Collection: an explosion of colourful jewels.
  • Leopards Collection: the most feline designs.
  • Rose Collection: inspired by the blooming of roses
  • Collection: jewels with geometric pattern

We invite you to get to know them more deeply here, where you can see a selection of the most emblematic designs from each of them.

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