Gold spiral rings that will conquer your heart

As many of you already know, at Ramon Jewellers, we differentiate ourselves by designing and creating pieces with their own personal identity. And this is exactly what we´ve conceived with our gold spiral rings. Very attractive pieces that surprises not only for their peculiarity but will have you falling in love for their design.

Gold spiral rings by Ramon Jewellers

The gold spiral rings by the brand are presented in two versions. The first versions are completely smooth, solid spiral rings, and the others are adorned with diamonds.

The latter are characterized for having a subtle snake like form.

These types of rings are available in a variety of sizes, that is to say, there are pieces that are formed with two, three or four bands. We wanted to design them in three varying 18kt gold colours, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Exquisite pieces with a design that breaks with norms and makes the ideal gift for special occasions.

The best part, they can intertwine with each other. They perfectly complement each other; you can wear them separately or together depending on the moment.

Below we leave you with a selection of the most sought after gold spiral rings by the brand. Which one is your favourite?

gold spiral rings

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